About us

The investment group Comfort Finance Group (CFG) has been operating on the Czech market since 2012. The group's core activities include the licensed non-bank consumer loan provider Comfort Money and CFG Real Estate, which specializes in the purchase and lease of residential real estate. As of 2014, the company has been engaged in mining in the crypto-market, where it is building the strongest position in Central Europe. This has been followed up with an interest in the acquisition of blockchain projects.

Since mid-2017, the Group has strengthened its position in the areas of IT, Finest Projects. the launch of the first and largest Central European cryptographic pool Kryptofond.

In 2018, the finite project Dluhopisomat.cz launched, meeting the needs of savers who are increasingly looking for a modern solution of financial issues outside of traditional financial and banking institutions.

Group activity


Establishment of the non-bank credit company Comfort Money

Acquisition of Comfort Money by the Comfort Finance Group


Planned expansion of activities into the commercial real estate sector

Creation Dluhopisomat.cz, the platform of high-quality bonds, and the first hedge fund, Kryptofond, in central Europe focused solely on cryptocurrencies


Establishes CFG Tech and thus strengthens its position in the areas of IT

Investing in larger residential units, expanding Comfort Money services and stabilizing CFG Tech and Dluhopisomat.cz projects



Petr Cimala

Petr graduated from the University of Economics in Prague. Over the years, he has actively in-vested in world equity markets and devoted himself to developing business projects. He is one of the founders of the Investors Club and has been involved in creating a fund of qualified inves-tors, the Charles Bridge Global Macro Fund. He is currently fully committed to the development of the Comfort Finance Group CFG.

Andrej Štaňko, Ph.D.

Andrej Štaňko is the head of the AK Vinohradská office. This office was established at the begin-ning of 2015 when, after previous experience from the environment of the leading international of-fice, he decided to set up his own law practice. Apart from managing the office, he deals with fi-nancial law, the capital market, investment fund and company regulation, private equity and off-shore structures. These are areas that enable him to apply his legal and economic thinking, which he acquired through study at the Faculty of Law of the Charles University and the University of Economics. In his practice, he represented clients in Czech courts, as well as in Czech and for-eign arbitration bodies. Andrej Štaňko speaks fluent English and Russian.

Analytics department

Richard Tóth

Richard graduated from the Faculty of Finance and Accounting at the Faculty of Economics and Administration at Masaryk University, and Bachelor's degree at BUT, Energetics. He spent part of his studies at the Norwegian University of NTNU in Trondheim. Richard is currently a member of the CFA program, which has been successful at Level 1 for the time being. He has been work-ing in the CFG group as an analyst since October 2017.

Adam Čižmař

Adam graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematical Methods in Economics at the Univer-sity of Economics and currently holds a Master's degree in Econometrics and Operations Re-search. In high school, he spent a one-year stay at the Sydney Academy in New Scotland, which he concluded with the highest honours. He has been working as an analyst in the CFG group since March 2018.

Pavel Jiřičko

Pavel is a graduate of the Bachelor's degree program at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics of the University of Economics in Prague, in the field of Mathematical Methods in Economics. Cur-rently, he is studying for his follow-up Master's degree in Econometrics and Operations Research. He has been working as an analyst in the CFG group since September 2018.

Adam Landa

Legal department

Jan Tábořík

In his law practice, Jan Tabor, associate attorney at our office, devotes himself primarily to the financial, commercial, civil and contentious agenda. Within the framework of financial law, he spe-cialises in capital market law, in particular in the provision of investment services. In his practice, he has defended the interests of clients before the Czech courts, as well as before the Czech and foreign arbitration bodies. He gained valuable experience not only in this leading international law firm, but also during his work at the Czech National Bank. Core values, high knowledge and a strong knowledge base, as well as the ability to customize the solution to the specific require-ments of the client, are of fundamental importance to him.

Lenka Drastíková

Lenka Drastiková deals with civil and commercial law. Under civil law, she focuses on contract law, real estate law and debt recovery. She also deals with insolvency and executions. In the field of commercial law, she is primarily concerned with corporate law.

Robert Přidal

Robert Přidal successfully completed his studies at the Faculty of Law of the Palacký University in Olomouc. He has successfully defended his diploma thesis on Nutrition to Minors under the background of current jurisprudence and is currently preparing for an SZZ to become a lawyer. Robert speaks fluent English, along with Spanish at beginner level.

Michal Jeníček

Michal Janicek is currently studying the 5th year of the Faculty of Law, Charles University, and also studied at the University of Lancaster, England, and is fluent in English. Michal has work ex-perience in the areas both of advocacy and legislation; he has completed a legal internship with a deputy and in a ministry.

Eliška Vyhnánková

Eliška Vyhnánková is studying the 5th year at the Law Faculty of Masaryk University. She also studied at the Faculty of Law of the University of Rotterdam. She has work experience with the several Czech law offices in which she practised during her studies. Eliška speaks fluent English.

Michal Pařízek

Michal Pařízek is a student in the 3rd year at the Faculty of Law of the Charles University. He has been working in our law office since he first started his assistant career. He is also an active member of the Juristi Law Society. Michal speaks fluent English.

Jan Prošek

Jan Prošek is currently a student in the 3rd year at the Faculty of Law of the Charles University. He started working at our law office in 2018, with experience from his previous practice as a law student. Honza speaks fluent English and regularly attends courses in English at the faculty.

Business department

Adam Kubina

Adam graduated from international schools in Taipei and in Prague, focusing on international trade and diplomacy. He is the co-founder of Dluhopisomat.cz, the director of the first Central Europe-an private fund Kryptofond and is dedicated to the development of the Comfort Finance Group CFG. He actively engages in and lectures on international trade in Taipei, Brussels and Moscow.

Michal Šuchaň

Tomáš Solar

Jan Dědák

IT department

Alexandr Gončarenko

Dominik Lamacz

Dominik is a graduate of the Bachelor of Applied Informatics at the University of Economics in Prague. Also at this school, he is studying Information Management within the follow-up Master's program. In the CFG group, he has been in charge of information systems, ICT and robotic pro-cess automation, since March 2018 .

Ondřej Čapka

Tereza Klobouková

HR & Backoffice department

Nikola Farkačová

Nikola graduated from the University of Economics in Prague. She has been working for the CFG since September 2016, when she began her studies as an assistant. Since December 2017, she has worked as HR manager and is in charge of the entire BO team.

Andrea Puldová

Andrea graduated from the University of Pardubice, Faculty of Philosophy and has been enrich-ing her life through education, certificate of law and social sciences, English language teaching with a native speaker, several certificates in the field of social law, etc. Over the course of her ca-reer, she has travelled abroad widely.

Adriana Nikolovová

Adriana studied Applied Physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics where she partici-pated in scientific research on the COMPASS experiment at CERN. She is currently studying Applied Ecology at the Faculty of Environmental Studies at the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague. In the CFG group, she has worked as an assistant since the summer of 2018.

Edita Marková

Edita Marková successfully graduated from grammar school in Prague and is now in her second year at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, in the fields of Operations and Economics. In the CFG group, she has worked as an assistant since the beginning of 2018.