Dluhopisy CFG
6,1 % p.a.

In CFG investment group we invest in assets with which we have many years of experience and meet the two basic criteria – sustainable profit and use of real assets as a security. We primarily focus on the financial segment of secured loans, receivables and real estate financing.

Market Segments of CFG

CM_logo_boxWe realize the development in the area of secured loans through the investment and financing of the activities of non-bank providers of secured loans. The secured credit market meets the Group’s core investment criteria, and we consider the opportunities in this segment to be very attractive. For the provided loans, the clients provide a real estate as a security which must meet the requirement of at least twice the value of the principal, making the invested assets very secure assets.

Nemovitosti_CFGSpeaking of the real estate segment, CFG primarily focuses on the financing of residential real estate and of entities operating in the real estate sector. The added value is created through the systematic searching and financing of discounted investment opportunities and their subsequent management or sale. The performance criteria must be met in this segment too, especially in the form of stable rental contracts and a high quality collateral as security. CFG is planning to expand its activities into commercial real estate as well as into real estate projects supported by national or European grant programs.

Pohledávky_CFGCreditworthy receivables mainly purchased from financial institutions is an area where CFG concentrates its activities as well. The cost of the receivable is determined by taking into account the level of risk, the value of the security provided and the enforceability of the claim. Secured receivables are currently a highly demanded asset for their capability of delivering attractive returns while maintaining a good risk management. We provide our partners a complete service of their receivables and quick availability of funds.